Digital Greenhouse 315w CMH Conversion Kit



This convenient 315 CMH conversion kit allows you to combine the power and efficiency of ceramic metal halide lighting with your existing mogul-socket HID reflectors in just a couple quick steps. The kit also comes with either the PGZ18 CMH Socket Set or the PGZ18 socket adapter, which simply screws into any preexisting reflector's mogul base socket to allow the use of popular CMH bulbs like the Philips Mastercolor. Ballast adapters for Hydrofarm reflectors can also be added to the 315 CMH conversion kit if needed and will connect the Hydrofarm plug type to the universal socket receptacle on the DG ballast. These components enable a seamless CMH retrofit that can be installed by anyone in just a few minutes. Included in the 315 CMH conversion kit is the Digital Greenhouse 315w digital CMH ballast with universal socket cord receptacle for compatibility with most popular reflectors and hoods. Great for turning old reflectors into modern, efficient grow lights!  

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PGZ18 Socket Adapter

Need to retrofit your current reflectors for 315w CMH? T PGZ18 socket adapter fits grow light bulbs with the Europe PGZ18 style base to the common US mogul sockets. Now bulbs such as the Philips MasterColor, which are commonly used in LEC lighting and other popular 315-watt ceramic metal halide systems, can be adapted for use in a wide range of grow light reflectors and hoods. Breathe new life into your reflectors or hoods in one simple step with this handy socket adapter!

PGZ18 CMH Socket Set

The High Yield PGZ18 CMH socket set is a quick, clean, and cost-effective solution for retrofitting grow hoods and grow light reflectors to accept popular 315w CMH bulbs. While the CMH socket set features a housing with standard wingnut connection that attaches to most popular grow light hoods, it can also be used as a bare vertical CMH socket or fixture without a reflector. Its integrated heavy-gauge cord and universal ballast plug type allow the PGZ18 CMH socket set to conveniently connect to 315w CMH ballasts nearly 15' away.

  • 15' heavy-duty socket to ballast cord
  • 5A/250V, 6KV pulse /rated PGZ18 Socket
  • Universal ballast plug type


315 CMH Conversion Kit From Digital Greenhouse

If you’re looking to retrofit your current fixtures with the latest CMH technology, this kit includes everything you need at a great discounted price. Just pick up this kit and connect the DG 315w CMH ballast and CMH socket set to your current reflector. For reflectors with integrated sockets/cords, simply choose the PGZ18 adapter that screws into any mogul socket. In just minutes you’ll be up and running with your overhauled CMH-ready grow light!

Digital Greenhouse 315 CMH Ballast

State of the art digital CMH (CDM) technology from one of the most trusted brands in digital HID lighting. Featuring remote configuration with advanced square-wave lamp drive and backed by a 3-year warranty, this ballast delivers all of the functionality and dependability of other CMH ballasts at a fraction of the cost.

315 Watts, multi-volt capable
120/240V 50/60Hz
ETL listed
THD – <10%
Low-frequency digital square-wave technology
Internal RF shielding
Universal socket receptacle
8′ 120v power cord with NEMA 5-15 std. grounded plug
3-year warranty

Choose Your PGZ18 Socket Type:

PGZ18 Socket Set

The PGZ18 socket set features a 15′ heavy-duty cord and a housing that attaches directly to most major brand reflectors. Simply fasten the socket housing to the reflector or hang for bare vertical lighting, and then connect the universal plug to the ballast receptacle – no tools required.

15′ heavy-duty socket to ballast cord
5A/250V, 6KV pulse /rated PGZ18 Socket
‘Universal ballast plug type


PGZ18 Socket Adapter

Screws easily into any mogul base socket to adapt reflectors/hoods to the PGZ18 bi-pin base of popular CMH bulbs.

PGZ18 / PGZX18 Base to E39 Mogul Socket
5A/250V, 6KV pulse /rated
Measures approx. 1-7/8 (inserted) x 1-3/4″ diameter


Weight 7 lbs
Product Category

Grow Lights

PGZ18 Socket Adapter


Product Category

Grow Lights

PGZ18 CMH Socket Set

Product Category

Grow Lights


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