15 Gallon Square Phat Sacks

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Square Phat Sacks are ideal for eco-conscious growers looking to nurture their plant's root system at an excellent cost. What sets Phat sacks apart from their plastic container counterpart is the high-quality non-woven 260g fabric material. This technology contains roots within the grow container while the breathable fabric allows air to flow through and reach the roots. Oxygen aerates and prunes the roots to create a well-developed root system essential for a healthy plant. Phat Sacks feature sturdy handles with reinforced stitching which allow the pots to be transported with ease. Built on sturdy nylon loops in each outside corner allow for the use of garden stakes to slide in and help support your plants as they grow.

  • Eco-friendly growing container
  • Size: 15 Gallon (1.95 cu ft of soil)
  • Dimensions: 15.5"

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Phat Sacks Square Fabric Pots

Featuring our successful Phat Sack now in square form, the Square Phat Sack offers superior root pruning technology in an eco-friendly growing container. Phat Sacks are made with durable 260g fabric that allows oxygen to flow through the sack and aerates roots from all sides. What results is a robust root system for healthy plants that maximizes your yield to its fullest potential. The fabric material also aids in preventing overwatering and ensures moisture is properly distributed throughout the growing container.

Phat Sacks are designed with the user in mind to make your growing experience go smoothly. Optimizes your growing space with its compact square design to utilize limited space in an efficient way. Each sack comes with a set of two sturdy handles with reinforced stitching to make lifting and transportation a simple task. At each corner of the sack is a nylon loop to slide in garden stakes to further support your plants and maintain the sack’s shape. Best of all Phat Sacks are made with high-quality non-woven fabric designed to be reused for multiple seasons, indoors or outdoors, making them more cost-efficient than your standard disposable grow containers.


  • Promotes “air pruning” strengthens the root system producing healthier plants
  • Better moisture control prevents over watering
  • Allows oxygen so roots can breathe from all sides
  • Roots stay cooler during hot temperatures
  • Durable construction – top-quality fabric and design
  • Available Sizes: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 gallons in bundles of 10-100

Sizing Guide:

Size Edge Length (Inches) Volume (Cu. Ft. of Soil)
2 Gallon 8.25″ 0.32
3 Gallon 9.5″ 0.5
5 Gallon 11″ 0.77
7 Gallon 12″ 1
10 Gallon 13.25″ 1.35
15 Gallon 15.5″ 1.95



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