AgroMax 2 Foot T5 Pure PAR Bulb


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Pure PAR Veg T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Lamps by AgroMax are the most advanced T5HO lamps on the market today for plant growth! With a highly specialized lighting spectrum output, AgroMax has engineered a lamp that pinpoints the exact wavelengths associated with plant growth by using a highly specialized phosphorescent coating. - F24T5HO lamp type, fits all 2ft T5-HO fixtures - 24 watts, 2,000 lumens - PurePAR Veg Spectrum: Target wavelengths of 420-470nm (blue) and 620-670nm (red) are utilized to maximize photosynthetic response. 14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.  

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AgroMax Pure PAR Veg T5

The AgroMax PurePAR Veg is the latest evolution in T5 fluorescent technology. Best used for the vegetative growth of your plants, this bulb puts out a unique “purple” light that matches the light spectrums plants make use of the most! Growing with PurePAR bulbs mean you’re efficient, you don’t want to waste a single watt on light your plant won’t use. The PurePAR Veg is designed to meet your growing needs, which is why a specialized phosphorescent coating is used inside the bulb to ensure that the light output is the ideal spectrums to maximize your vegetative growth.

What’s PAR?

This revolutionary lamp by AgroMax is called the “PurePAR” lamp, but it is much more advanced than the name suggests. Photosynthetically Active Radiation or “PAR” is comprised of lighting wavelengths between 400-700 nanometers (“nm”). Plants primarily utilize only a small portion of the visible light spectrum; primarily the red and blue spectrums, or 420-470nm (blue) and 620-670nm (red). By observing the spectral graph provided with most grow lamps, you will see that much of the output of nearly every MH and HPS lamp is outside of the blue and red spectrums, this is “wasted light” as far as plants are concerned. The PurePAR Veg lamp eliminates the wasted light and the final result is a lamp that is pure plant nourishment, no extra green or white light, just Pure Energy for plant growth.

AgroMax 2′ Pure Par Veg Technical Information:

  • Fits all 2 ft. High Output T5 Fixtures
  • F24T5HO Lamp Type
  • Bulbs will not fit T8 or T12 Fluorescent Fixtures
  • 24 watts

14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.


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