Rockwool Stonewool Macro Plugs – 50 Pack


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Made in Denmark since 1969, rockwool (also called stonewool) is widely recognized as the ideal growing substrate. For any growing application, rockwool offers speed, ease of use and cleanliness.

  • Macro plugs are excellent for seed starting, clone propagation, and seedling sorting/development.
  • Individually formed plugs hold shape through use and can be reused through growing seasons.
  • Pack of 50.

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The Macro plug is a cylinder-shaped rockwool plug with a slit down its side. Absolutely perfect for taking cuttings because you can spread cloning gel inside the cube through the slit and insert your cutting into it.

The Macro plug also fits the super popular EZ-Clone machine. This allows growers to make clones in the EZ0Clone using the Macro plugs and then putting the Macro plugs directly into rockwool cubes.

All rockwool cube,s including the HUGO blocks, have cut out holes in the top which the Macro Plugs fit perfectly. These are a “step-up” from the 1″ square cubes.

Measures approx. 1″ wide x 1.5″ deep


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2.75 in

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Soil & Grow Mediums


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