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Rockwool Cubes

Made from spun basalt rock fibers formedinto cubes, rockwool is a popular growing medium for hydroponic gardening. Rockwool, also known as stonewool, is perfect for seed starting, ebb-and-flow and drip irrigation hydroponic systems because it holds but does not absorb water. Many indoor gardeners use this growing medium because it leaves more water for the plants’ growth and development.

HTG Supply offers rockwool in a variety of options, including cubes, blocks or slabs. We carry name brands known for their industry-leading products, like Grodan or Cultiwool. You can get the most out of your hydroponic garden with tools built for your plants’ success.

Our Types of Rockwool

We offer a selection of mini rockwool cubes that can optimize your indoor garden space and get your smaller seedlings started. Each grow cube has a hole in the middle for your seed, and our mini sizes range from 1- to 4-inch blocks.

For larger gardens or seedlings, we have a range of regular size rockwool blocks. You can order anything from one individual cube to a bulk pallet of 2,880 cubes.

Rockwool slabs are a different shape of growing medium, and they best fit into drip system trays or bench systems. Gardeners like their larger surface area and controlled environment for seeds. You can order these items individually or in bulk quantities up to 256 pieces.

We also carry starter plugs if you want to start growing new seeds. These smaller rockwool cubes are the perfect way to propagate a new batch of seeds before moving them to the vegetative stage.

Rockwool is a powerful seed-starting medium that will help your plant start strong. For a hydroponic system that can keep the flow of your indoor garden moving, you will love using rockwool.

Are you already using stonewool, a top-feed or drip system application? Check out the new Floraflex products for both hand-water or automated top-feed systems. We offer a great selection of Floracaps and other flex grow caps for rockwool blocks to help you streamline watering and feeding. These tools can prevent rockwool from forming algae while maintaining the right amount of air and water for your seedlings.

Rockwool cubes are a fantastic growing medium you will love in your hydroponic garden. For the best selection and fastest shipping, browse our rockwool cubes and slabs to get started today!

Shop Rockwool Cubes at HTG Supply

HTG Supply offers a comprehensive selection of indoor garden products available online with fast delivery. We are one of the largest and fastest-growing garden supply companies in the country, with 18 locations in the U.S. in 11 different states.

Find the supplies you need to make your garden succeed, and get it delivered straight to your door when you choose to shop at HTG Supply. Shop our collection of rockwell cubes today!

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