Grodan Gro-Wool Loose Granulate – 45 Pound


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Grodan Gro-Wool is a rockwool media that can be used solo or mixed, providing superior moisture buffering and easy nutrient access. Even when slightly dry, Grodan Gro-Wool readily releases vital moisture to your plant's roots, preventing stress and promoting abundant growth. Plus, its unique texture encourages the development of fine root hairs, maximizing nutrient uptake for the lushest, healthiest gardens indoors.

  • Can be used alone or as a potting mix
  • High moisture-retaining medium
  • Size: 45 lbs

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Grodan Gro-Wool Loose Granulate – 45-pound

Grodan Gro-Wool is used by facilities and home hobby growers for productive indoor gardens utilizing container systems. It can be used as a stand-alone loose fill growing media for containers or mixed with Grodan Grow-Chunks, Grodan Grow-Cubes, or non-restrictive potting mix components such as expanded clay balls or lava rock.

Grodan Gro-Wool is incredibly good at storing moisture and nutrients. Even when over 50% dry, it still gives up remaining moisture easily to roots making it an ideal moisture buffer. Grodan Gro-Wool is easy to handle and promotes the development of fine root hairs leading to increased nutrient uptake and more vigorous growth.

Grodan Gro-Wool can be used:

  • On its own as a high water retention potting mix.
  • In a mix with high porosity potting mixes to increase water holding capacity without sacrificing aeration.
  • As a soil amendment, particularly with sandy soils to improve water holding capacity

Gro-Wool Benefits:

  • Holds lots of water
  • Lasts for the entire life of the plant
  • Suits any container size

How to Use:

Premium horticultural stone wool granulate-growing medium for plants

TIP: For a drier mix, add either Grodan GROW-CUBES, clay pellets, or broken clay pots in layers with the granulate.


  • Soak and flush with pH 5.5 water
  • Add plant food to water when growing plants


Weight 50.000 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 20 × 7 in

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Soil & Grow Mediums


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