Cultiwool Cubes – 4 Inch

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Cultilene 4" rockwool blocks provide a high-quality stonewool alternative for hydroponic and indoor cultivation. The 4" Cultiwool cubes are a good size for transition planting or finishing small plants, and they feature a standard-size rockwool macro-plug cutout for easy transplanting of seedling starts. We offer these 4" rockwool blocks for sale individually so you can purchase the right amount to fit your needs.

  • Price includes (1) block
  • Measures 4"x4"x4"
  • Low density fiber with firm support
  • Macro-plug cutout

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Cultilene 4″x4″x4″ Cultiwool Blocks

Cultilene rockwool blocks are an excellent substrate solution that will benefit your plants by helping to maintain proper oxygen, water content, PH, and temperature. Their standard rockwool macro-plug cutout simplifies transplanting tasks and saves time.  Cultiwool brand rockwool is known for its low-density fiber structure that provides a proper support base without compromising firmness.


  • Rapid rooting into plug
  • Supports Healthy Root Growth
  • Great for transplanting
  • Fiber structure with a lower density and no loss of firmness
  • Vertical fiber structure
  • Excellent air to water ratio
  • Fast absorption of water
  • High water retention
  • Guaranteed firmness



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