1/2 Inch Grommet For WaterFarm



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This is the same ? inch grommet found in the GH WaterFarm system and Plumbing Kit, made available separately for your do-it-yourself customers. When used correctly, each rubber grommet (in conjunction with ? inch tubing running through the center) forms a water-tight seal.

  • Contains x1 rubber 1/2 Inch grommet
  • Great for do-it-yourselfers
  • Secure, rubber water-tight seal

In stock


Classic bucket system with limitless possibilities. Drip Hydroponic System.
Our best-selling hydroponic module, the WaterFarm is built to assure a long service life. The unique square design allows growers to closely pack modules together to create large, high-density installations.

The WaterFarm will grow small, medium, and large plants. It offers all the features of larger systems at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or performance.

  • All the parts you might need for your WaterFarm.
  •  Reservoir• Growing chamber(s)
  • Pumping column(s)
  •  Drip ring(s)
  • Grommet(s)
  • Drain level tube(s)
  • Air pump
  • FloraKit
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