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About General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics is an industry leader in the plant nutrient and supplement industry. For more than 45 years, they have produced high-quality, mineral-based nutrients for the soil and hydroponic gardens. They also supply a wide range of hydroponics products, including supplies for pest control, pH adjustment, and complete systems.

At HTG Supply, we are proud to carry many products from this innovative, California-based company. Their supplies deliver reliable results and increased yields that growers want.

Our General Hydroponics Nutrients for Sale

HTG Supply has many types of General Hydroponics products available, including:

pH adjusters and calibration: Test and adjust the pH levels in your hydroponic garden with General Hydroponics pH adjusters and calibration formulas. Unbalanced pH levels put stress on your plants, which hinders their growth. With these pH products, you can maintain just the right pH levels to achieve healthy plant growth. We sell individual adjusters and kits for whatever your needs may be.

Pest control: General Hydroponics pest control products help you tackle pests and diseases such as mites and powdery mildew effectively and easily. There is a solution for any garden issue, from insect repellent to broad-spectrum pest control to fungicide. Many of their products are also listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic quality you can trust.

Supplements: General Hydroponics supplements are designed to stimulate robust growth and increase fruit production with exceptional blooms. There are numerous supplements available for all kinds of plants at any stage of their development.

Nutrients: General Hydroponics nutrients are a complete, mineral-based food source that provides essential benefits through all plant development stages. These nutrients are formulated from natural minerals and botanical extracts to promote high yields and healthy growth. They are also easy to use and fast-acting for speedy results.

Systems: We carry a variety of hydroponic and aeroponic systems from General Hydroponics. There are options for plants of all sizes, from seedlings to large potted plants. We also sell individual parts for do-it-yourself (DIY) setups and replacement needs.

Why Buy General Hydroponics Nutrients From HTG Supply?

If you are looking for General Hydroponics nutrients for sale online, you'll find a large selection of their products at HTG Supply. All of the General Hydroponics products in our inventory are affordably priced for an unbeatable value on their high-quality items. If you are trying to find a specific General Hydroponics item and do not see it listed on our website, let us know. We are always expanding our inventory to meet our customers' needs, and we will be happy to track down the product for you.

Once you place an order with us for your General Hydroponics supplies, you will quickly receive your items. HTG Supply is one of the fastest shippers in the hydroponics industry, and you can expect a typical delivery from us within three days.

We also maintain a comprehensive stock of supplies for any indoor garden requirement, so browse our selection to find everything you need to create the perfect hydroponic setup.

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