General Hydroponics Pro pH Up

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General Hydroponics Pro pH Up is the ultimate pH adjuster solution for professional growers. Unlike other pH Up solutions which contain potassium that affects nutrient balances, Pro pH Up's non-mineral formulation does not add extra nutrients to your current nutrient recipes. Pro pH Up's is designed for commercial facilities as it is up to 3x more concentrated than General Hydroponics' hobby/retail pH Up.  

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General Hydroponics Pro pH Up

Use Pro pH Up to raise the pH value of your irrigation water or nutrient solution. Unlike most pH-up products, Pro Up will NOT contribute potassium. When you’re growing professionally, only Pro pH adjusters will do. At nearly 3x the concentration of General Hydroponics’ retail adjusters, Pro pH Down and Up delivers more power per pint to make balancing nutrient ratios in hundreds of plants more efficient than ever. It’s possible thanks to a unique, non-mineral formulation designed specifically for commercial facilities, and sized for them too.


  • Does not contribute fertilizer so it will not interfere with nutrient balances.
  • Unique non-corrosive/non-caustic formula.
  • Concentrated formula.
  • Alternative to harsh mineral hydroxides.
  • HMIS score 0-0-0 (triple zero)

Directions for Use:

The volume needed to achieve your desired pH will vary depending on your source water and the products you use in it to make up your solution. Apply very small amounts to the solution you wish to increase the pH of and mix well to allow pH reading to stabilize before adding more. Repeat until your target value is reached. For recirculating systems, check the pH daily.

There are many factors that affect ideal pH like: crop, stage of growth, and total ion exchange capacity. Recommended pH for most plants is: 5.5-6.5

Contains: Hydroxylated Water


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