Root Riot Plant Starter Replacement Cubes

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Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes are premoistened ready-to-use cubes for rooting plant cuttings and starting seeds. Formulated with Sphagnum peat moss, each cube is a spongey texture that provides an ideal water-to-air ratio needed for plant cuttings and seeds to thrive into young seedlings. Pair with the Clonex Gel for best results.  

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Root Riot Plant Starter Replacement Cubes

Root Riot cubes are an excellent choice for both starting seeds or propagating plant cuttings. Root Riot cubes are made from composted natural materials. They have a spongy texture, which is perfect for retaining the ideal air-to-water ratio needed for healthy, rapid root growth.

Use Root Riot Plant Starter cubes with Clonex Rooting Gel for optimal results.

How to Use:

HydroDynamics International Clonex Propagation Guide


  • Select a mother plant for cuttings – most species are best propagated from new growth tips. Take the plant cutting by cutting diagonally below a node or stem swelling. Remove all but a couple of leaves.
  • Dip the cut end into Clonex Rooting Gel and then place gently into the pre-formed hole in the top of the cube.  Do not force the cutting in, insert it just far enough to support it.
  • Mist cuttings with Clonex Mist and cover the tray with a plastic dome to increase humidity. Mist cuttings every other day to maintain humidity within the dome.


  • Place the seed into the hole of the cube.
  • Put the tray in a warm place until germination.




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