Grodan A-Ok 1.5 Inch Starter Plugs Sheet of 98



Grodan A'Ok Starter Plugs are an excellent option for seed starting whether you're growing in soil or hydroponics systems. These convenient 1.5" rockwool starter plugs feature pre-formed holes to ensure easy seed or cutting placement. After germination/rooting, simply wait for plant roots to penetrate the bottom of A'Ok Starter Plugs before transplanting into a larger stonewool cubes or hydroponics systems. Grodan rockwool is a high-quality seed-starting solution that is suitable for both indoor gardening and outdoor planting applications.

  • Perfect for use in seed starting and propagation, with pre-formed planting holes and small 1.5" cubes.
  • Grodan rockwool supports seed's development by creating a moist, secure environment for growth.
  • Quantity: 98 1.5" plugs

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Grodan 1.5″ A-OK Starter Plug sheets are perfectly sized to fit a standard nursery flat, and each plug has a preformed hole to easily plant seeds and cuttings. Once plants have rooted, 1.5″ A-OK Starter Plugs can easily be transferred to larger rockwool / stonewool blocks or planted directly in soil or hydroponic systems.

This is a single sheet of 98 1.5″ plugs.


Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 7.9371 × 7.9371 × 7.9371 in

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