Grodan A-Ok 1.5 Inch Starter Plugs Case – 30 Sheets of 98 Plugs


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Grodan A'Ok Starter Plugs are an excellent option for seed starting whether you're growing in soil or hydroponics systems. These convenient 1.5" rockwool starter plugs feature pre-formed holes to ensure easy seed or cutting placement. After germination/rooting, simply wait for plant roots to penetrate the bottom of A'Ok Starter Plugs before transplanting into a larger stonewool cubes or hydroponics systems. Grodan rockwool is a high-quality seed-starting solution that is suitable for both indoor gardening and outdoor planting applications.

  • Perfect for use in seed starting and propagation, with pre-formed planting holes and small 1.5" cubes.
  • Grodan rockwool supports seed's development by creating a moist, secure environment for growth.
  • Quantity: 30 sheets with 98 1.5" plugs (2,940 plugs total)

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Grodan A-Ok 1.5 Inch Starter Plugs

Grodan 1.5″ A-OK Starter Plug sheets are perfectly sized to fit a standard nursery flat, and each plug has a preformed hole to easily plant seeds and cuttings. Once plants have rooted, 1.5″ A-OK Starter Plugs can easily be transferred to larger rockwool / stonewool blocks or planted directly in soil or hydroponic systems.

Case comes with 30 sheets with 98 plugs in each sheet,


Weight 24.545 lbs
Dimensions 24.4 × 20.4 × 20.60 in

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