Gro Pro NX Level Pot Elevator – 21.5 inch


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The Gro Pro NX Level Pot Elevator is a simple yet vital tool for container growing. This 21.5" plant stand is designed to raise a plastic or fabric pot out from the bottom of a saucer, ensuring better drainage and preventing the plant from sitting in excess water. Standing water can cause plenty of issues in plants including root rot, mold, and an overall decrease in plant health. This clever design also features drainage holes in the feet to prevent water collection.

  • Fits 21" saucers
  • Supports up to 25-gallon containers
  • Provides full drainage

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Gro Pro NX Level Pot Elevator

Gro Pro® NX Level® Plant Elevators are specially designed to help raise your fabric or plastic pot out of the bottom of a saucer. This elevates the pot out of potential excess water that gathers in the saucers. This can be crucial in preventing root rot, and mold issues and helps extend the longevity of your fabric or plastic pot.


Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 × 21.5 × 2.8 in

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Pots & Planting Containers


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