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About Foxfarm

FoxFarm is an industry-leading producer of premium fertilizer, soil mixes and liquid food for plants. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients mixed in handcrafted formulas and produced in small batches for superior plant nutrients that every indoor gardener needs. 

FoxFarm ensures that their products offer the best quality by directly overseeing the complete production process, from caring for the earthworm cultures to testing formulas to approving the final product. With more than four decades of experience, FoxFarm has the expertise that sets them apart.

FoxFarm Nutrients for Sale From HTG Supply
At HTG Supply, we carry a wide range of FoxFarm nutrients for hydroponics and indoor planting, such as:

Big Bloom® liquid plant food: This nutrient-rich mix made from a micro-brewed formula of bat guano and earthworm casings is perfect for fruiting and flowering plants.

Grow Big® liquid plant food: Grow Big is a popular liquid concentrate fertilizer that promotes vegetative growth. It is also available in a hydroponics formula.

Bush Doctor® liquid plant foods and pest control products: This industry-favorite line of liquid fertilizer helps create an optimum environment for maximum water and nutrition absorption. There are numerous formulas for various plant stages, and the products are ideal for the hydroponic gardener. There is also a line of pest control products designed to protect plants from mites, insects, fungus and mildew.
Happy Frog® dry fertilizers and soils: This line includes fertilizers and soils formulated for promoting healthy plant growth, transplanting seedlings, repotting container plants and providing essential nutrition for bud development and flowering.

Cultivation Nation®soluble and liquid fertilizers: This line features a two-part soluble fertilizer growing system or a three-part liquid fertilizer system.

Strawberry Fields® potting soil: Designed to pump up your berries, fruits and blooms, these potting soil products are available from HTG Supply in individual bags or pallets of 75 bags.

If you are looking for a specific FoxFarm product but don't see it listed, get in touch with us and we can track it down or recommend an alternative.

Why Buy Your FoxFarm Nutrients From Us?
At HTG Supply, we have an extensive selection of FoxFarm hydroponic nutrients for all of your plant needs. Our staff can help you determinewhich combination of FoxFarm products best fit your requirements and provide expert tips for how to use them.

When you order FoxFarm products from us, you will receive your supplies quickly. We ship all orders within 24 hours of placement for an average delivery time frame of one to three days. With our speedy shipping, you will get the crucial nutrients your plants need as soon as possible.

HTG Supply is your one-stop shop for indoor gardening supplies. In addition to our selection of FoxFarm nutrients, we also carry grow lights, grow tents, air filters, fans and ducts and whatever else you may need to get your indoor growing operation running successfully.

You can browse our inventory online or stop by one of our retail store locations to see and learn more.

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