FoxFarm is one of the most well-known brands in the indoor gardening world, offering a myriad of grow mediums and hydroponic supplies for the beginner and advanced grower alike. Popular for their robust line of hydroponic nutrients, FoxFarm is a “family business dedicated to producing the finest quality garden products available anywhere”, according to their website.
FoxFarm places an emphasis on treating the Earth well and takes a holistic approach to sustainability. FoxFarm offers a number of product types, including: Soil, soil amendments, dry fertilizers, soluble granular fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, hydroponic nutrients, as well as pest control products. Below, browse our selection of FoxFarm products. If there is a specific FoxFarm item you are interested in but cannot find listed in our hydroponics store, simply give us a call and we can see if we can either track it down or recommend a comparable alternative, if possible.