FoxFarm Cultivation Nation pH Up – 1 Quart



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FoxFarm Cultivation Nation® pH UP is a highly concentrated pH adjuster. This premium pH up adjuster is specially formulated for balancing the pH of hydroponic systems and lowering the pH of nutrient solution during feeding preparation. Its highly concentrated formula can last nearly twice as long as conventional pH adjusters.

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FoxFarm Cultivation Nation pH Up – 1 qt.

It’s time to get on UP! Use FoxFarm Cultivation Nation® pH UP to lower the pH of your nutrient solution in both soil and hydroponic environments.

How to Use
An ideal pH range for growing plants is 5.6 – 6.8. Shake well before use.
Take a pH reading of the nutrient solution. Based on your pH reading, adjust the pH by adding small amounts of pH UP at a time, testing for pH again after each application. Continue until the desired pH is reached.

Contains potassium hydroxide. Only add pH UP directly to water or nutrient solution. See product label for detailed precautionary and first aid information.

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