HTG Supply 4′ 4 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture


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Low heat, high-intensity lighting for growing plants! The HTG Supply 4ft 4-Lamp High Output T5 Grow Light comes with the fixture, power cord, and hangers (T5 bulbs sold separately). Super flexible and versatile for any growing needs, depending on the spectrum of your bulbs this T5 grow light system can be used for seedlings/clones, mother plants, supplemental, and even full-term lighting! UL-Listed is made with heavy-duty steel housing to last you a lifetime and then some.

  • Includes T5 fixture, 10' power cord, and hangers.
  • Measures 47" Long x 10" Wide x 3" Deep
  • 20,000 lumen output
NOTE: Product comes with fixture ONLY, T5 bulbs sold separately  

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HTG Supply 4 Foot 4 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture

Fluorescent fixtures are very versatile and can be used as seed starters/propagation lighting and as a full-term light for regular crops. Safe and cool, these lights do not have a hot, single blinding point of light like H.I.D. Fluorescent lights are safely used in schools or other environments where H.I.D.s are undesirable.

T5 fixtures can also supplement existing light systems providing needed light spectrums that LED and HID fixtures can lack. Examples are adding “cool” blue spectrum T5 light to gardens using High-Pressure Sodium’s orange/red spectrum or adding “warm” red spectrum T5 light to supplement Metal Halide’s blue/white spectrum. You may also choose to use T5 lights as side lighting for your plants to help them fill out better underneath their top canopy.

About this system:

  • Overall Dimensions: 47″ Long x 10″ Wide x 3″ Deep
  • T5 bulbs are available in different light spectrums to allow for customization of the light spectrum.
  • Lamps emit very little heat, allowing you to hang the fixture very close to the plant canopy. Since this unit runs so cool, you can place the light right on top of your plants.
  • T5 bulbs have an outstanding 24,000-hour life expectancy (one year is 8,760 hours) and lose very little of their’ light output over their’ life.
  • Solid State Digital Electronic Ballast emits very low heat and is virtually SILENT.
  • MULTI-VOLT Electronic Ballast operates on 120 Volt (household current) or 240 Volt
  • 10′ Grounded Plug plugs into standard household receptacle.
  • Top Quality Highly Reflective 95%+ polished Aluminum Reflector for Maximum Light Output
  • Locking Lamp Sockets hold lamps in place properly and will not allow for the lamps to fall out.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Hang, Chrome Hangers are included with every light.
  • Standard 2 year warranty


Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 4.25 × 48 in


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