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HTG 2000w XL Organic Soil Grow Tent Kit

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This 4×8 grow tent kit comes with everything you need to maximize the massive AgroMax grow tent that is included. The unbelievable XL kit features two 1000w HPS grow lights for a combined 2000w of power! Other standard equipment that comes with the tent includes ventilation bundle, and soil bundle featuring high-quality organic nutrients from Roots Organics. If you’ve been looking for a large 4×8 grow tent kit that is ready to go, our complete “plug & play” 4×8 grow tent kit is perfect for you. Designed to be easy enough for beginners while still meeting the rigid demands of seasoned growers, only HTG Supply can offer an incredible deal like this!

Grow Tent Dimensions: 4′ x 8′
Grow Light Type: HPS (two HPS grow lights included, opt for MH if you prefer)
Grow Light Wattage: 1000w (kit includes two 1000w HPS grow lights)
Grow Light Ballast: HPS  (two HPS ballasts included, opt for switchable ballast(s) to run both HPS and MH lights)
Grow Medium: Soil