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Plant tissue culture is taking over the cultivation industry as one of the most effective and sustainable methods of plant propagation. It may seem intimidating, but any grower can do it. You don’t need a college degree or a lot of money, just the right knowhow and supplies!

The Shoots n’ Roots complete online course will teach you everything you need to know to start tissue culturing your favorite plants, including tissue culture methods, procedures, and supplies. Learn at your own pace with 69 individual lessons including in-depth videos and downloadable content. You’ll also have access to expert support from the Shoots n’ Roots team to help with your questions! 

How to Tissue Culture Plants
Complete Online Course!

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Benefits of Tissue Culture

  • Virus, viroid, disease, & pest eradication
  • Genetic storage
  • Lowest possible risk of plant infection  
  • Reduced input costs vs. labor, water, electricity, nutrients, and operational real estate for mother-plant upkeep
  • Compounding replication of propagules (clones) – 1 explant to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8, etc. – provides much quicker propagation over time.
What's Included?
  • Full plant tissue culture online course
  • 69 ‘learn at your own pace’ narrated lessons including media preparation, aseptic technique, nodal culture, meristemic culture, troubleshooting and more
  • In-depth demo videos for each major technique 
  • Downloadable content including full equipment lists, protocols, and R&D sheets
  • Additional support from Shoots n’ Roots Experts 

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About Shoots N' Roots

Shoots n’ Roots started with the idea that whether you’re a large or small scale facility, caregiver, or a grower who just takes pride in their craft, you don’t need a degree framed in mahogany on the wall, and an adsorbent amount of money to learn, operate, and scale a successful plant tissue culture operation efficiently.

Other introductory classes offer the basics to get started, but when problems arise in the field, courses and educators have fallen short on equipping students with the necessary information needed to diagnose and troubleshoot an array of issues that plants growing in-vitro (Latin for “within the glass”) are prone to be inflicted with.

Without the proper knowledge and solutions, R&D is curtailed, operations come to a halt, time and money is lost subsequently leaving labs unsure on what to do next. Our founder recognized these faults with the education within the industry and from that, Shoots n’ Roots Labs was born.

Online Courses

Learn the skills procedures and equipment needed to tissue culture plants at your own pace with our complete online course.
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Facility Consultation

Full consultation packages including one-on-one training, full SOP's, tailored instruction, and on-call lab director support.
Contact us for details.

In-Person Classes

In-person instruction 5-day courses that will teach all of the material contained in the online course, plus additional techniques.
Contact us for details.

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Topics you will learn

  1. The equipment required for a tissue culture lab and how to properly use them.
  2. All proper protocols to follow when working in a tissue culture lab and when working with plant material.
  3. An understanding of what media is and how to make it.
  4. When, how, and why to add additives to media.
  5. How to screen plants for viruses, diseases, and poor performance.
  6. How to perform nodal & meristematic culture.
  7. How to store genetics for long & short term storage.
  8. An understanding of optimal environmental conditions for cultured plants.
  9. How to troubleshoot issues that arise in culture.

Get $50 Off The Online Course Now With Code "HTGSUPPLY"!

Any Grower Can Learn How to Tissue Culture Plants

As Michigan’s first cannabis tissue culture educational institution, Shoots n’ Roots is Michigan’s gold standard in educating those who are looking to start, become educated, or hone an already existing skillset in the world of cannabis tissue culture.

Whether investing in our Online/In-person classes or our facility consultation package, students will become knowledgeable in proper protocol, technique, equipment, and troubleshooting when it comes to operating a cannabis tissue culture operation.

Once completed, students will come out at the end of class more than equipped to handle workflow, R&D, and any issues that may arise in their lab, to ensure peak performance.

Get $50 Off The Online Course Now With Code "HTGSUPPLY"!

Testimonials - Hear it from Our Students

Salvatore Donati
Salvatore DonatiEasy to Understand
Read More
Greg was very easy going and extremely knowledgeable on tissue culture.

This course is great for people with little to no knowledge on tissue culture as he will walk you from ground up. At first it could seem a little challenging but Greg breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand.

All in all it’s worth every penny and it was an awesome learning experience.
Tuan Hoang
Tuan HoangEverything Tissue Culture
Read More
Thanks for all your knowledge and training for everything tissue culture. I feel ready to go soon as I get all my equipment. Adding on to my knowledge of plant propagation is priceless and never ending. Looking forward to learning from you in the future. Thanks Greg.
Kevin Etzel
Kevin EtzelExcellent Teacher
Read More
Extremely valuable knowledge. Greg is an excellent teacher who helped us understand the process and proved what he teaches - we were able to revitalize one of the flavors in our genetic library already with his practice.
Thomas m
Thomas mPriceless!
Read More
I really enjoyed the course, and learned how to set up and run a TC lab. Particularly meristem extraction, is priceless! Thanks for all of the knowledge Greg!!!

Get $50 Off The Online Course Now With Code "HTGSUPPLY"!

Questions About Shoots N' Roots Services? We're Here to help!

Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions about Shoots n’ Roots online course or facility consultation services. Include your contact information and message below, and someone from the Shoots n’ Roots team will be sure to follow up with you quickly.