HTG 2’x4′ Organic LED Grow Tent Kit

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If you've been searching for a 2' x 4' grow tent kit that comes with everything you need to get growing in soil, look no further. This LED grow tent kit is simply one of the best available for the money. The LED grow light included in this kit is a premium 7-band 4.0 180-watt LED light which can be upgraded to a variety of other premium LED grow lights offered at HTG supply. Other standard equipment with the kit includes a ventilation bundle, and a soil bundle featuring high-quality organic nutrients from Roots Organics. Additional options and upgrades are also available! PACKAGE INCLUDES: (1) AgroMax 2' x 4' grow tent, (1) HTG Supply 4.0 180w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, (3) bags Roots Organics Soil 1.5-cubic-foot,  (6) 7-gallon poly grow bags, (1) CX Horticulture Nutrient Bundle, and other essential tools. Grow Tent Dimensions: 2' x 4' Grow Light Type: LED Grow Light Wattage: 7-Band 2.1 180 Watt Grow Medium: Soil  

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Complete 2×4 Grow Tent Kit With LED Grow Light & Organic Soil

The HTG 2′ x 4′ Organic LED Grow Tent Kit includes everything needed to get a successful organic garden growing in no time! HTG Supply is proud to have served the needs of growers nationwide for over a decade! We know, through years of working with and listening to our customers, that trying to piece together the right indoor garden with all of the options available can be time-consuming and frustrating so we’ve answered the call by developing our line of complete, “plug & play” grow tent kits. The top-quality equipment and products offered in HTG Supply’s complete grow tent packages are properly sized and selected to work in harmony and produce a full harvest. Only HTG Supply can offer an incredible deal like this – so take all the guesswork out of getting set up, and start enjoying your garden in no time with your HTG Supply complete grow tent kit!

Assembled kit measurements: 28.75″ Deep x 53″ Wide x 78.50″ High

Kit assembles quickly and easily – no tools required. All included electronic devices plug directly into standard household grounded power outlets. All items are shipped in plain discreet packaging.

Roots Organics Buddha Grow & Bloom

Roots Organics Buddha Grow & Bloom is a two-part organic growth nutrient line formulated for potting soil and potting soilless gardens. Buddha Grow is a proprietary blend of the finest organic ingredients, specifically created to optimize conditions for increased growth and yields in potting soil-grown plants during the vegetative stage of their life. Buddha Bloom is a proprietary blend of the finest organic ingredients, specifically created to optimize conditions for increased growth and yields in potting soil-grown plants during the flowering stage of their life.

Worldwide sourcing and deliberate design extracted and condensed into an exceptional liquid blend targeted to encourage excellence from your plants.

  • CDFA-certified organic nutrients
  • Mix of macronutrients and micronutrients
  • Beneficial biology to provide complete nutrition
  • Easy to use!

Base kit includes:

  • (1) AgroMax 2×4 grow tent
  • (1) HTG Supply 3.0 180w COB LED Grow Light
  • (1) pair rope ratchet grow light hangers
  • (1) 120v surge protector timer
  • (1) GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer
  • (1) 6″ inline fan and flange kit
  • (1) 6″ clip-on circulation fan
  • (3) bags Roots Organics Soil 1.5-cubic-foot
  • (6) 7-gallon poly grow bags
  • (1) Soil nutrient combo


Weight 70 lbs


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