JetFlo Econo 2′ x 2′


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The JetFlo Econo is a quality ebb and flow hydro-garden geared towards maximizing yields on minimal set-up cost. The JetFlo Econo comes with a pump, tray, and reservoir, and is a compact to fit a variety of living situations. The JetFlo Econo uses all types of soilless grow media.

  • 24" x 24" x 7"
  • 20 gallon reservoir
  • Compact Ebb and Flow system
  • Comes with pump, tray, and reservior
  • Affordable system

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The EconoJet ™ line to provide the consumer with a high quality hydro-garden that is both economical and reliable. These simple, sturdy, durable systems have become North America’s leading line of low cost automated gardens.

All EconoJet ™ systems utilize the Ebb and Flow method of plant growth. The Ebb and Flow method is very user friendly and is extremely cost effective.

EconoJet ™ systems incorporate Botanicare™ plastic trays and reservoirs along with some of the best Ebb and Flow fittings and submersible pumps available. The Ebb and Flow fittings are completely modular allowing the grower to adjust the level of water that floods the tray during feeding. These high quality components will allow for years of trouble free operation.

The trays and reservoirs are all made with durable ABS plastic that have built in U.V. inhibitors, which minimize fading and yellowing from intense grow lights. All trays are 7 inches deep and have drainage channels that allow water to drain completely away from the plants after feeding. Reservoirs have built in porthole covers that make it easy to check and fill the nutrient solution.

The EconoJet keeps initial garden set-up costs to a minimum while producing stunning results in a small space. The 24” x 24” x 7” Ebb and Flow tray accommodates all types of soilless grow media. Its raised platform keeps the medium out of the nutrient solution once the tray has drained. The 20-gallon reservoir has a removable gripped lid for easy access to the reservoir tank. Fittings are fully adjustable.

  • Utilizes an attractive and durable white Hydroware exterior
  • This system is very easy to use and provides excellent results
  • Comes with pump, tray and reservoir
  • Grow medium and/or containers and nutrients sold separately
  • 2’ x 2’ size


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