3/4 inch Double Barbed Elbow



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The 3/4 Inch Barbed Elbow is used to join 2 lengths of 3/4″ tubing or to establish a single 3/4″ branch off a 3/4″ hose. Because of the custom, barbed ends, the 3/4 Inch Barbed Elbow allows for more water pressure!

  • The 3/4″ tubing connecter with barbs to prevent slippage
  • Elbow shape created for directional change of tube
  • Works with 3/4″ hoses
  • Allows for more water pressure

In stock


Maximize your water pressure!

The 3/4 Inch Barbed Elbow is a perfect tool for hydroponic growers to bring two 3/4” tubes together. Because of the amazing custom, barbed design, the connecter stays in place, and also allows for more water pressure! The elbow shape allows for directional change in the tubing

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