About Pro-Mix

ProMix soil varieties, the flagship product line of Premier Tech Horticulture was first introduced in 1968 and has become a top choice of commercial growing operations and consumers seeking cutting-edge and value-added growing media products. Enhanced with high-performance active ingredients, ProMix soil blends provide innovative and unique solutions that set the bar for the premium potting soil market. Fine-tuned for growing applications that demand efficiency, superior plant quality, disease suppression, and resistance to environmental stresses, ProMix soil optimizes growth and yield results. Choose ProMix Soil products with MYCORRHIZAE like Pro Mix BX or formulas with both MYCORRHIZAE and BIOFUNGICIDE* like Pro Mix HP for outstanding plant quality and crop performance!Beyond ProMix soil, Premier Tech’s Horticulture and Agriculture Group is recognized industry-wide, thanks to first-rate services and ambitious Innovation, Research & Development programs. Premier Tech’s breakthroughs include the creation of the very first prefabricated growing medium made of sphagnum peat moss, fertilizers, and aggregates in America, as well as the industrial-scale production of top quality mycorrhizal inoculants, which are the active ingredients that enhance the growth and disease resistance of plants.The environment has also always occupied a predominant place in Premier Tech’s activities: the Veriflora® and OMRI® certifications obtained, as well as the Prix Innovation received, attest to the rigor and eco-consciousness of its practices. These comprise, among others, the responsible management and restoration of peatlands, along with considerable efforts regarding sustainable development. With its expertise, its customer-oriented approach and 35 million bags of high-quality products delivered yearly, Premier Tech’s Horticulture and Agriculture Group is definitely forward-looking.

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