Hydroponic Research

About Hydroponic Research

Hydroponic Research combines science and research with cultivation to create a line of ground-breaking fertilizers. Hydroponic Research simplifies the cultivation process with its high-yield powder-based nutrients.

From the Manufacturer:

The seed of Hydroponic Research started with the search for the most potent, perfect flower. Ever since, the only way we’ve grown is up. And while our roots are in cultivation, we’re serious about the science too. Always researching ways to break new ground, never just going with the flow. Like when the industry was all multi-part liquids, we made VEG+BLOOM—the original one-part powder. Ten years later, we’re still perfecting every particle right here at our SoCal home base, so growers everywhere have the pure, powerful nutrients they need for the ultra-high yields they expect. But the work’s never done. There’s more to grow.

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