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VEG+BLOOM is Hydroponic Research's all-in-one nutrient powder that creates healthy, luscious plants from veg to bloom. The VEG+BLOOM line features different product types based on the quality of your water and the growing medium you're using. DIRTY is perfect for growers using soil and peat systems regardless of water quality. VEG+BLOOM is compatible with nutrient additives for an extra boost. Get 15% off all Hydroponic Research products (Discount applied automatically at checkout)  

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Hydroponic Research VEG+BLOOM One-Part Powder Nutrient

Formulated for every water type, VEG+BLOOM makes getting lush, aromatic plants as simple as adding the base. All the nutrients your plants need are combined in a single powder blend that all adds up to the best yield quality for the cost.

DIRTY Recommended for all soil and peat systems regardless of water quality

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