Superoots - Air Pot

Superoots Air Pot containers (AKA, Superroots, or Super Roots Air Pots) are the signature product of the Caledonian Tree Co. Ltd, based out of the UK. Made of durable recycled HDPE with a collapsible design, Superoots Air pot containers are reusable and work great for a wide variety of crops, trees, and flowers. Their specialized design features a contoured and perforated side wall that prevents root circling/binding and introduces more oxygen to the root zone for greatly improved root development.
Superoots Air Pot planters come in various sizes, from smaller pots popular for transplanting like the 3 gallon Air Pots up to the 8.5-gallon #12 (12 gal. equivalent). The 2 most popular models for full-term soil growing are the 7 gallon and 5 gallon Air Pots.