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MIIM Horticulture

MIIM Horticulture

At the intersection of science and nature is where you’ll find MIIM Horticulture. A brand driven by curiosity, MIIM Horticulture is constantly raising the bar and redefining the industry through its game-changing products. MIIM Horticulture has a growers-first attitude – using their constantly evolving knowledge to improve product quality.

From the Manufacturer:

At MIIM Horticulture, we take our inspiration from growers.

Growers who built this industry on the sides of mountains and in the middle of corn fields, in basements and garages, greenhouses and barns, in warehouses and shipping containers.

We are energized by growers who push themselves to raise the bar on every crop; who treasure the grind and reap the rewards; who love the plant and live the culture.

By those who were not afraid to break down barriers, those who viewed prohibition as opportunity, and those who built empires from nothing.

Those who chose their path and had the courage to follow it….

….and those who will still be here when the dust settles.

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