Small Hydro + LED Grow Kit




The Small Hydro + LED grow room kit includes all of the hydroponic beginner’s essentials for success. Grow up to 4 of your favorite plants with this convenient kit that comes with grow tent, LED grow light, DWC hydroponic system and premium hydroponic nutrients, all for a great low price – with FREE shipping! If you’re looking you’re looking for the easiest way to start growing indoors with hydroponics – the Small Hydro + LED grow room kit is the setup for you!

Grow Tent Included: Grow Shop Outlet 2×3 Grow Tent Tent is made of 600D ballistic nylon fabric with mylar interior liner and metal poles. Measures 20″ x 34″ x 63″ – no tools required for assembly.
Grow Light Included: AgroMax OTD LED grow lights – Full spectrum LED grow lights with cool-running OTD LED technology. AgroMax OTD84 LED grow lights provide excellent growing results with minimal power use!
Hydroponics System Included: Bubble Boy Four Banger DWC – The practical hydroponic system that delivers professional results! Bubble Boy systems utilize the popular DWC hydroponic method that produces great growth with minimal upkeep.
Nutrients Included: Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow Micro Bloom Combo – Professional-grade 3-part hydroponic nutrient recipe for the full growth cycle. Requires no pH adjusting!


Small Hydro + LED Grow Room Kit

If you’re looking for the easiest way to start growing indoors with hydroponics, this is the kit for you! Get all of the hydroponic beginner’s essentials for success for a great low price, and start growing 4 of your favorite plants right away with the benefits of hydroponics. Designed with the beginner in mind, the Small Hydro + LED Grow Kit is configured to produce excellent growth with ease of use and convenience – anyone can grow with this kit! You simply won’t find a better deal on a hydroponic growing kit with this kind of high-quality brand-name gear anywhere else! All equipment ships in plain, discreet packaging – with FREE SHIPPING!

Online Special Only – Great packages available in-store at your local HTG Supply retail location!

System Benefits

 All the Essentials – Includes all of the essentials for growing indoors; tent, LED grow lights, hydroponic system, and high-quality hydroponic nutrients.
Best Value – Features cutting-edge LED grow lighting technology and gear from brand names growers know and trust. One unbelievably low price with FREE SHIPPING!
No Guesswork – All system components are properly sized/selected to work in harmony. System assembles quickly with no tools required – instructions included.
Excellent Growth & Easy to Use – A practical system that produces professional results! Simple system operation and maintenance for beginners. Now with pH Perfect™ fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients—no pH adjusting needed!

• Kit measurements: 20″ Depth x 34″ Width x 63″ Height
• Kit uses just 131 watts total, approx. 1.1 amps @ 120v (max)
All electronic devices plug into standard household grounded power outlets
Supports growth for up to 4 small-medium size plants
Assembles quickly and easily – no tools required
• All items are shipped in plain discrete packaging with FREE SHIPPING!

What’s Included:
(1) Grow Shop Outlet small grow tent
(1) AgroMax OTD LED grow lights
(1) Pair AgroMax rope ratchet grow light hangers
(1) Bubble Boy Four Banger hydroponic system
(1) Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow/Micro/Bloom combo pack – 500ml bottles

*** Plants are not included ***

Weight 60 lbs


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