Canna Can Storage Container – 1 Liter


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  • Size | Volume: 1 L
  • Capacity: 2 oz | 56 g
  • Diameter: 5.75"
  • Depth: 2.9"

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Canna Can Smell-Proof Curing & Storage Containers

Canna Cans are the newest wave of deluxe storage containers for home and commercial growers. A good grow is incomplete without taking the proper steps to cure and store your newly harvested plant material. Skimping out on these vital steps can leave you with a low-quality product susceptible to mold and other harmful containments. Canna Cans act as a 2 in 1 container solution, curing your flower and acting as a storage container to keep your harvest fresh. Available in 600 mL, 1L, 2L, and 5L containers, there’s a size out there for every grower, large or small.


  • Sustainable: Many curing & storage methods currently on the market are single-use only. This creates unnecessary waste and can drive up production costs through constant repurchasing. Canna Cans are a one-time purchase that will last you countless harvests. All they need is a nice clean in between uses.
  • Water & Air-Tight: Blocking water and air from permeating the container is vital to maintaining freshness and preventing mold. The rubber gasket seal with the reinforced latches creates a sealed environment so nothing comes in or out.
  • Smell-proof: For some growers, stealth is key to their operations. Canna Cans are an ultra-discrete storage solution that leaks NO smell. This helps preserve terpene quality in plants while leaving friends and family none the wiser.
  • Light & Shatterproof: Glass jars are a simple yet effective tool for storage, but they allow a lot of light which can degrade plant quality over time. Not only this but they are prone to breaking too. Canna Cans are made with 304 stainless steel that is 100% opaque and durable. Completely blocking light from entering and maintaining a cool temperature for herbs to cure in.
Canna Can Size Diameter (In) Height (In) Capacity 
Canna Can 600 mL Container 600 mL 5″ 2.5″ 1 oz | 28 g
Canna Can 1 L Container 1 L 5.75″ 2.9″ 2 oz | 56 g
Canna Can 2 L Container 2 L 7.5″ 3.75″ 1/4 lb | 4 oz
Canna Can 5 L Container 5 L 10.5″ 5″ 10 oz


Weight 0.49 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 5.75 × 2.9 in

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Harvest Supplies


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