In this video, Dr. Myers covers what factors can effect or limit your garden’s growth. The goal here is to identify your limiting factor, and supplement it to help raise your garden’s potential to grow even better.

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I want to talk to you say about limiting factors. This is one of the most important things to understand about growing plants. Now plants need many factors and this is not all of them, light, water, nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon dioxide, and many other things. What this is this is a barrel here so pretend this is a barrel each one of these little pieces of wood they’re called a stave. Stave so each one of these staves represents something the plants need. Now how full can you fill this barrel to the top? Now if your plants are lacking in certain nutrients for example nitrogen and phosphorus heres how full can you fill this barrel. Only to the lowest point of nitrogen. Nitrogen is the limiting factor. Now if you want your plants to grow maybe you’re gonna spend more money you’re gonna get a light and you’re gonna add more light.

helpful can you fill this barrel still to here so adding more light watering your plants more and it’s not gonna increase your rate of growth. You have to know what the most limiting factor is if you want to increase plant growth nitrogen now, phosphorus is a limiting factor so if you want to increase your plant growth even more add phosphorous. So you have to realize that just giving plants more of what they need like a bigger light or more fertilizer is not always going to give you better growth.

You have to know what the limiting factor is whether it’s container size, nitrogen, light, carbon dioxide whatever that is. So understanding that you can’t just give plants more of something to get better growth you have to increase what is limiting their growth. The lowest factor it determines the maximum rate of growth. I hope this helps. If you have any questions please send an email at [email protected].

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