In this video the Doc explains to you the purposes of each different grow container. In this video he touches on Coir pots, Grow Bags, Nursery Buckets, and Oxy Pots. Be sure you are choosing the perfect container for your growing needs.

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What I’d like to talk about are some different choices that you have in using pots in your grow area. Now before you decide what pot to use you need to ask yourself a couple questions number one how much time do you want to spend in your grow area if you want to go in there every day and nurture and care of your plants you’re going to want to maybe a pot like this fat sack here which is going to drain very well so you either water your plants more often if you don’t want to mess with your garden odds you want to go there once a week or so then maybe a plastic pot would be a better choice because they’re going to drain less they’re going to hold the moisture in better and they’re going to need to water your plants less number two what type of plants you’re going to grow can you grow area you’re going to go very small plants and you can use smaller containers or pots if you’re going to have plants are going to flower or fruit then you’re going to want to large your container because when plants go through this flowering phase and fruiting phase they need more root growth in route space.

Now another thing you need to understand is that every single pot is going to need to drain you do not want your soil to be soaking wet all the time the reason is and again you can see this is a bad thing this has been in standing water and when I push on this some water comes out when your soil is soaking wet like this is going to promote root rot your roots are going to rot no oxygen is going to get in here that could kill or at least harm your plant the other thing is that when it’s always wet like this that’s going to promote fungal growth and things like damping often occur but you can also go harm or it can kill your plants out right so never let your plants stand in standing water like this make sure they drain and then dry out for a few days let’s talk about some different options for pots. Now this pot is a quarrel odd and these are made up of coconut husks so the nice thing about this is they’re made up of renewable resource this is a sustainable way to grow these are also nice because they allow good drainage which means they can allow oxygen in here oxygen is just as important as water for your roots.

Now the downside to these is that since they allow oxygen in they do tend to drain very well so they tend to dry out quickly and so what I’ve done when I first use these I let them soak in water so the pot is totally saturated water then I put the soil in here you just have to keep an eye on these to make sure that they don’t dry out so i’ll start plants like this indoors if I want to put them outdoors they can just put this whole pot right in the ground like this instance this will break down over time and you don’t have to worry about digging it off or harming the environment so these are nice they are sustainable renewable they drain well out great oxygen in the only thing is you have to keep an eye because since they allow so much oxygen in they may also let the soil dry out quicker than some other pots what I have here in this container is these are called throw bags. Now these are inexpensive they’re very easy to use that use these every spring what I do as all start plants indoors. Now I’ll put them in these grow bags and then when i go to take them outside you just take it naive for sensors you didn’t just rip these you rip the bag like this and you do not harm the roots at all to the great for transplant one downside is since they are made of thin plastic that can be a little wobbly it’s not a big deal you’ll notice that they’re white on the outside and black on the inside this white is good at reflects light so that helps into a growth the black is going to prevent light from coming through you don’t want your container to your pots to let light through because then how would you can grow in with your roots and have steeled nutrients you can have your plates so the growth legs are an inexpensive easy way to grow some plans and they are great for transplanting outside because you can just rip the bag and you know hunkler it off what I have here these are plastic nursery pots these are tried and true and tested pots I’d use these for decades every single greenhouse I’ve ever worked in as use these plastic pots at some point or another. Now there are nice because they come in variable sizes you can grow almost any type of plant they stack inside of each other so they’re very easy for storage. Now one thing you need to be aware of is that since they’re plastic then no oxygen can get through these which means the only way that your routine and get oxygens through the top through these little tiny holes down here so you don’t want to over water your plants when they’re these plastic pots you never want to let these pots with plans in them sit in standing water in this section promote root rot so these are sturdy inexpensive great pots to use if you get to be careful but you don’t want to over water these because the only way oxygen can get in is through the bottom to the top here so these are complexed ignorance what I have here is the newest in New this is called the oxygen pot.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what as is freaking porcupine like shape well what these are these are tiny little holes and so that’s great to call the oxy pot lots of oxygen and oxygen is just as important as water for your route so this allows oxygen in Laos great drainage. Now this is plastic at three-thirty pot but I like regular nursery pots the roots are just going to go round and around if your liberty grow out these little holes and so that’s going to promote lots of good fibrous root growth once the roots come out because they’re going to die off that’s called a air pruning that’s good again this promotes lots of good fibrous root growth. Now another great thing about this is that once you’re going to transplant your plants sometimes when you go to transplant your plants you know you get damaged when you’re moving them out. Now this does have some assembly required takes less than a minute is put a few plastic screws in here I’m going to take the last one out and so when you go to transplant your plants you just take the screws out and shut up you open this up no root damage at all you just pick your plan and Transplant it to the next pod or outdoors but if you’re going to do so this is the oxy pox the new type of technology pot allows oxygen for most great fibrous root growth good growing

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