In this video, Doc shows you the in’s and out’s of transplanting your plants from a smaller container to a larger container. Key points in this video are: Be sure to start the transplanting (potting up) process before your roots begin to grow in circles at the bottom of your pot. If they do, gently try to pull them apart and out of their formation. As a last resort, you can carefully trim up the roots. Also, be sure to pack in the new soil very well. This will remove any air pockets; and roots HATE air pockets. Once potted up, be sure to feed your plants with plenty of water as it has been a tough day for that plant. This will start the process of this plant getting familiar with it’s new home.



What I’d like to talk to you about is potting up. What potting up means you’re going to put your plan into a bigger pot. I like to put some paper towels in here because that’s going to keep the dirt from falling out of these little hole here. Now a good rule to know if the pot is okay is that the old pot should fit into the new pot and you should have some edge room around the edges here. Now what I like to do to start off by putting some soil on the very bottom of the pot here and that’s going to allow the new roots to grow down into fresh soil. It’s very important that your roots continue to grow.

Growing roots send a message up to the rest of the plant saying everything’s going good. The plant will grow great once your roots start to grow around and around. Here they’re going to send a message “hey I’m not growing so good be careful I might not be able to get enough water and nutrients slow down your growth”

Now the plant that I’m potting up here is called a sensitive plant. You can see one here vision is called a sensitive plant is how the leaves will fold up with you touch them. So once you put some soil in there you’re going to gently turn your plant upside down squeeze the size get a little tap at the bottom and you can see the roots here are just starting to wrap around. So this is a good time to pot up. If the roots were severely wrapped around like that I would recommend you cut them or pull them a little bit so they don’t keep growing in circles. They’ll grow down. You’re going to put your plant in here and then you’re going to fill some soil and around the side it’s very important that you eventually will pat this down. You don’t want it really tight but you don’t want any air pockets in here. Air pockets will dry out very quickly and so any roots that grow into the air pockets are going to die and that’s kind of a waste of space and growing indoor space is very important, so once you put your soil in here you’re going to press it down with your fingers to make sure there’s no air pockets in here and then anytime you transplant or touch the roots in any way you want to make sure the plants are watered very well because any damage the roots will prevent them from taking up a lot of water so after you pot it up for transplant like that give your plants a good drink and you should have good success. Good growing

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