COB LED Grow Lights

LED Lighting already delivers numerous advantages when it comes to indoor gardening and COB LED grow lights take those advantages one step further. COB (Chip On Board) LED grow lights offer a broad spectrum of light by mounting several SMD modules (surface-mount diode modules, AKA – SMD LED modules) closely together to appear as a single lighting panel. The unique construction of having multiple LEDs packaged together into a single board has a lot of advantages.
Advantages Of COB Grow Light Include:Long lifespan
Improved electrical efficiencyBroad light spectrum for plant growthBetter light distribution than other lighting optionsIncreased light qualityEasy replacement of current systemsSimple setup
COB LED Grow Light Kits
Whether you are searching for a replacement light source for your current indoor grow lights or you are looking to start a new hydroponic system or organic soil indoor garden COB LED grow light kits will be a great choice. The long lifespan and electrical efficiency of COB grow lights means you will be paying a lot less in the long run. The ability to space multiple COB lights within a system means there is a reduced chance of hot spots on your plants since light isn’t only being emitted from a single source. Improve the quality and quantity of the light your plants are receiving today and find the absolute best prices on LED COB grow lights here at HTG Supply!Read more