Awesome Blossoms




Awesome Blossoms by Technaflora is a flower growth and mass liquid supplement for higher quality yields. Awesome Blossoms encourages dense yields by incorporating super phosphates, micro, and macro nutrients in to their formula. Awesome Blossoms is designed to be used in both soil and soilless growing systems.

  • Promotes heavier, tastier, more aromatic yields
  • Increase oil and resin secretions


Awesome Blossoms™ is a scientifically blended superior flower stimulant designed to nurture prolific and bold blooms in all your flowering plants. This ultra-fertilizing blend of super phosphates is formulated with macro and micro elements, stimulating dense, vigorous flowering. Awesome Blossoms™ fosters explosive flower growth, promoting heavier blooms at multiple budding sites.

Used at regular intervals throughout the flowering stage, Awesome Blossoms™ facilitates a crowning effect with new blossoms emerging from within existing flowers. An exceptional, concentrated liquid elixir, this product promotes robust, explosive essential oil production, maximizing overall crop weight, and amplifying aroma and flavor in all flowering and fruiting plants.

For use in both soil and soilless systems Awesome Blossoms™ can be applied from the watering can or mixed directly into hydroponic reservoirs. Regular application of Awesome Blossoms™ will see your plants achieve maximum flowering density and explosive essential oil production with rich color and a beautiful bouquet.



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