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The CannaBrush is a specialized trimming tool designed to remove leaf material faster and with less waste. Featuring resin resistant silicon paddles, the CannaBrush works by snapping leaves off at the base, leaving the rest of the product virtually perfectly intact. Add the reliable CannaBrush to your trimming process to save time and maximize the quality of your product. • Faster, easier, and cleaner than hand trimming • Minimum resin/product loss • Sturdy construction | durable silicon paddles  

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CannaBrush Hand Trimming Brush

Trim at light speed while preserving your product quality with the CannaBrush! Specialized silicon paddles quickly remove leaf material from your product while leaving resin and bud almost perfectly intact. You’ll never go back to scissor trimming again!

Weight – 2.7 Ounces
Width x – Height 2.25″ x 10.5″
Paddle W x H – 1.85″ x 1.25″
Paddle Material – 100% Food Grade Silicone
Paddle Angle – 15° From Handle
Number of Paddles – 3 rows of 10 (30 total)
Properties – Resin Resistant

Reduces Strain – Brushing is an ergonomic motion and puts nominal stress on your hands, wrists, and eyes. With proper technique brushing feels natural.

Faster Than Scissors – Brushing all the buds on a stalk at the same time is surprisingly efficient. With experience the volume you can trim brushing is impressive.

Protects Quality – Resin bursts when touched with scissors due to pressure and stickiness. Brush trimming with silicone paddles is gentler on the plant.

Perfect Stiffness – The shape and stiffness of the silicone paddles provides the right amount of pressure to trim the stems and leaves off of most strains.

Minimal Resin Buildup – As we know, resin is incredibly sticky. Scissors and gloves gunk up quickly while silicone is resistant to stickiness preventing resin build-up.

Easy to Clean – Brushes require much less cleaning than scissors. Eventually some quick cleaning will spiff up your paddles. Freeze the brush and gently knock off resin tips.


Weight .5 lbs
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