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BioThrive Bloom by General Organics is an all-natural bloom-boosting plant food that helps prepare your plant for harvest. BioThrive Bloom provides the strength your plant needs to support the weight of the fruits and flowers; which BioThrive Bloom also helps to maximize. In addition, BioThrive Bloom enhances the seed production in your yields.

  • (2-4-4)
  • Promotes heavy flowers and fruits
  • Helps support plant during flowing and fruiting

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A combo of extracts, seaweed, mined mineral and mined mineral derivatives
Formulated to meet the needs of plants through every stage of growth, BioThrive is an entirely vegan plant food that contains plant extracts, seaweed, mined minerals and mined mineral derivatives. That combination creates a beneficial growing environment that encourages stronger roots and more abundant fruiting and flowering.

Get Started
Experience a robust start for your growing season with BioThrive, which is ideal for every type of plant in soil/soilless mixes and coco blends. You can apply BioThrive along with other products in the General Organics line.

BioThrive® Bloom
For flower, fruit and seed production
Although the rooting and growth phases are important, plants need the most support in that crucial, later phase of growth when flowering and fruiting occur.

Get to the Finish Line
BioThrive Bloom supplies essential nutrients that are ideal for maximizing flower, fruit and seed production. This unique formulation is geared toward giving you abundant and fragrant yields, for any type of plant.


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