Grow Tent Trellis Netting – 6 Inch Mesh

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AgroMax grow tent trellis netting is the perfect solution for training plants with the screen of green (SCROG) method in a grow tent. This specialized trellis is made of heavy-duty elastic nylon rope that stretches easily when installing to help avoid plant damage. It attaches quickly to grow tent poles with included anti-slip Velcro fasteners. Choose from several size options including 2x4, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5, each made to fit their corresponding grow tent sizes perfectly.

  • Mesh size: 6"
  • Super-strong, flexible elastic construction
  • Anti-slip tent-pole fasteners included

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AgroMax Grow Tent Trellis Netting

SCOG easier with AgroMax grow tent trellis netting! This specialized trellis was specifically designed to provide better support for grow tent SCROG growing with options made to fit popular grow tent sizes perfectly. Traditional garden trellis is not ideal for high-value plants. Cheaply made string mesh offers little support, and it’s a huge hassle to install in grow tents. AgroMax grow tent trellis eliminates those issues with thick elastic nylon mesh that gently holds plants in place and anti-slip tent pole fasteners that attach to tent poles quickly and stay in place. Stop wrestling with old-fashion netting and set your grow tent up for success with a durable, reusable, and well-made AgroMax grow tent trellis!

  • Mesh size: 6″
  • Easy-to-use grow tent support for flowering plants
  • Perfect for SCROG growing
  • Super-strong, flexible elastic construction
  • Anti-slip tent-pole fasteners included



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