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8 Inch Carbon Filter and Inline Fan Combo
inline fan with carbon filter
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GrowBright 8 Inch Inline Fan and Carbon Filter Combo

The GrowBright 8" HV fan and carbon filter are perfectly calibrated to work in tandem for effective odor control. This combo is an excellent choice for controlling odors in smaller grow closet or grow tent spaces up to 10'x10' in size. With built-in flanging for the system also integrates easily into air-cooled grow light setups for cooling with effective odor control. 

8" GrowBright High Velocity Inline Fan

GrowBright high-velocity inline fans are quiet, powerful, and perfect for use in a variety of indoor gardening applications including carbon filter odor control, as well as air-cooling for HID lighting and general ventilation.   

  • 590 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  •  Solid STEEL construction (not cheap plastic)
  •  ELT listed for safety
  •  Mounting bracket included
  •  Grounded power cord (plugs into a standard household outlet)
  •  Uses 170 watts of electricity 120V/60Hz
  •  Quiet (53 db)
  •  2500 RPM
  •  5-year warranty

GrowBright 8 Inch Carbon Filter

The GrowBright 8" carbon filter can really stand up to larger jobs. Now "Reversable" giving you more out of your filter. Air will move though the point of least resistance – therefore, the vaccum will be stronger on the end of the filter closest to the fan. With the reversable feature, the flange and the bottom cap are removable and can be rotated to lenghthen filter lifespan.

Flange: 8 inches
Diameter: 14.125 inches
Length: 22 Inches
Optimal CFM Range: 470-850 cfm
Carbon Weight: 45.2 lbs
Pre-filter included


Effective treatment requires the exchange of air in the growing area in a period of 5 minutes. Compute your requirements by multiplying the width times the length times the height of your growing area to obtain the total cubic feet. Divide this number by 5 to determine the proper filter size needed.

For example, if your growing area is 8 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall, it contains a total of 512 cubic feet. To treat this area in five minutes, you would need to use a fan with a CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating of approximately 102. The GrowBright fan that comes with this system is rated at 590 cfm so this combo is good for any medium to large sized grow room! It's always better to have a little more filtering than a little less for the most effective results.

This heavy-duty filter successfully eliminates odors for up to 18 months! These filters are lightweight and perfect for your grow room.

Why do I NEED a Carbon Filter?
Carbon Filters use activated carbon to filter particulates out of the air. The result is a totally clean, odor free environment for your plants to grow. Carbon Filters are simply the best way to remove any odor your plants or growing area may emit.

How do I use a Carbon Filter? 
Carbon Filters are very easy to use. Simply attach flexible ducting to the end of your carbon filter and onto the intake side of the Inline Fan. You can either use it as a ventilation fan to filter the air exiting your grow room, or you can use it as a "scrubber" recirculating the air inside your grow room. The inline fan comes with a grounded power cord and mounting bracket, so it is very easy to get set up.

How long will this filter last? 
The Carbon Filter will last up to 18 months of continuous use. Humidity is the #1 killer of Carbon Filters so make sure you keep your humidity level below 70% for maximum usage from your carbon filter. Yes, you can refill the filter with new carbon if you need to in the future, but we suggest simply buying a replacement filter (no fan replacement necessary). The reason we suggest a new filter is because they pack the carbon inside the filter so efficiently at the factory (packed bed), and it's difficult and time consuming to try pack it that tight at home.

Why are Carbon Filters my best choice for air quality / odor control?
Other odor control methods may try to mask odors, like using sprays, odor gels or even incense. These masking methods only end up making your grow room smell like your plants AND the masking agent. Ozone generators are good but can be dangerous to both your health and your plant’s health if not properly used. Carbon Filters are 100% safe and 100% effective. Carbon Filters actually remove the odor particles from the air - it doesn't "mask" the odor or neutralize it - the carbon filter actually removes the odor from the air. After 18 months simply remove your spent filter and replace it with a new one - it's quick and easy. Carbon Filters are so popular because of one reason - THEY WORK.

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GrowBright Reversible Carbon Air Filter Features
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