Hortomallas 6″ Mesh Trellis Netting – 5′ x 4920′


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Save time AND increase yields with the Hortomallas 6" Mesh Trellis Netting. This reusable crop netting helps train plants to grow outwards rather than up, ensuring every part of the plant receives adequate light and aeration. Trellis netting also helps support heavy crops, preventing stems from snapping due to top-heavy plants. The large 6" x 6" square mesh makes pruning and harvesting quick and effective.

  • Material: White polypropylene
  • Roll Size: 5 ft. x 4920 ft.
  • Mesh Size: 6 in x 6 in

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Hortomallas 6″ Mesh Trellis Netting – 5′ x 4920′

You save time and money training with HORTOMALLAS, the reusable crop netting that in recent years has revolutionized agriculture in the world, replacing raffia and henequen threads. Training with HORTOMALLAS reduces the spread of phytopathogens and mechanical stress as it reduces the need for labor. The 6″ x 6″ mesh allows for quick pruning and harvesting. The roll is made of bi-oriented polypropylene and is white with an anti-UV stabilizer.

HORTOMALLAS trellis netting will provide so many advantages against the usual and traditional raffia twine support system. Plants will develop fully on a mesh net as compared to how much they can grow on a single string of raffia twine. Also, aeration will improve as the leaves will be better and more efficiently exposed to the sun. Plants trellised on the HORTOMALLAS net will not need to be touched as much to be guided and trained upwards as with other plant training methods. As we will discuss below, the less a plant is touched the more profitable the crop will be.

With HORTOMALLAS the horticulturist can adopt a hands-free trellising technique. This takes advantage of the plant´s nature and ability to climb freely searching for a support that will increase foliage airflow and maximize solar exposure.

HORTOMALLAS offers the technological alternative to increase production by simply tutoring crops vertically with the aid of a simple plastic net. By using a ready-made net instead of doing the weaving by hand, one reduces plant stress and disease transmission, and this in turn will increase the tonnage produced, with less chemicals and labor and achieving higher quality in the crops that will be better paid at the time bringing your fruits to market.


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