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HTG 1000w Large Organic Soil Grow Tent Kit

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Look no further for the most affordable and complete grow tent kits for soil available! Our 1000w grow tent kit includes a 1000w HPS grow light, premium organic soil, and everything else you need to get your next soil grow started in no time like a ventilation bundle, high-quality organic nutrients from Roots Organics. This large grow tent kit for soil is designed for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros. Be sure to check out the hydroponic equivalent of this kit, our 1000w hydroponic grow tent kit!

Grow Tent Dimensions: 55″ x 55″ x 79″
Grow Light Type: HPS (you can opt for Metal Halide instead or add an additional bulb)
Grow Light Wattage: 1000w
Grow Light Ballast: 1000w HPS ballast (upgrade to a switchable ballast for HPS & MH bulbs)
Grow Medium: Soil