HTG 6′ Tomato Stakes

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HTG 6' Tomato Stakes are the ideal choice for supporting your plants, both indoors and out. Our reliable and sturdy tomato stakes featured a spurred texture, pointed tip, and thicker plastic coating to provide superior performance over any other garden stake. Trellis netting, string, plant clips, and all other fasteners are held in place by the plastic spurs covering the stake. A pointed tip makes planting our tomato stakes much easier in indoor grow medium and outdoor dirt. Our stakes are thicker than the competition, twice the diameter of similar 6' stakes, letting you know that HTG 6' Tomato Stakes are built to last. Measuring 71" in length and 0.625" in diameter, HTG 6' Tomato Stakes will accommodate plants around 5' tall. String, plant ties, trellis netting, and plant clips may be used to secure plants to the support stakes.  

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HTG Tomato Stakes – 6ft (71″)

Stake your claim to growing greatness with HTG 6′ Tomato Stakes. Sturdy and built for rugged use, our stakes are constructed using a steel post coated with thick, weatherproofing plastic to provide support for any plant. A spurred texture prevents rope, string, and trellis netting from slipping and a pointed tip allows for easy staking in potted medium or outdoor dirt. Ask any grower you know, HTG 6′ Tomato Stakes are built to last.

*Available in packs of 10 only

Tomato Stake Features:

Measurements: approx. 71″ length x .625″ diameter
• Thicker and more heavy-duty than the other brands
• Steel post, coated with plastic for superior support and durability
• Weather & rust resistant for indoor or outdoor use
• Designed to be installed in the ground or in a planter to support growing plants
• Great for vines, vegetables, and top-heavy indoor/outdoor plants
• Can be used with trellis netting, rubbing trellis string, vine clips, plant clips, or rope




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