Soul Grow




Soul Grow is a liquid formula by Aurora Innovations used to increase the size and quality of yields. Soul Grow is designed to be used during the growth stage, and helps to increase vigor and promotes maximized harvests. Soul Grow is rich in beneficial extracts, molasses, potassium nitrate, and monopotassium phosphate.

  • (3-1-1)
  • Promotes increase size of quality yields
  • For use during the growth stage


Soul Grow

Soul Grow is a powerful blend of soluble and natural fertility components, enhanced with potent botanical extracts. Apply during the growth stage for quality and increased yields. Formulated from only the highest quality soluble and natural ingredients and targeted to increase plant vigor for larger harvests. Designed for diverse applications.

Should be used in combination with a circulation pump and air stone in any large container or reservoir they are stored in before/during use. With adequate circulation and aeration, Soul is a simple-to-use, very effective, soluble and natural hydroponic nutrient blend that allows people to up their quality and quantity significantly, while lowering their costs.



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