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Free for a limited time - premium cloning gel from Clonex and a precision #10 scalpel to get you started! Kit includes: - (1) #10 Scalpels - (1) Clonex Gel - 15ml

Clonex Cloning Gel - 15 Milliliter

A professional quality rooting hormone gel to promote root growth in softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings. Seals cut tissue instantly, eliminating the risk of infection or embolism.


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#11 Scalpel

Scalpels are a necessity in any indoor gardener's toolkit. For precision cutting, pruning, and cloning, it's hard to beat a razor-sharp #11 blade. All of our scalpels come sterile, no need to worry about exposure to outside hazards such as pests, fungus, and disease.

For more information on various uses of scalpels in indoor growing, check out our Talking Shop article on Plant Training.


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Weight 2 lbs

Clonex Cloning Gel - 15 Milliliter

Weight 0.15 lbs

#11 Scalpel

Weight 0.02 lbs
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