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AgroMax Herb Drying Rack Hanging Net
AgroMax Dry Net Ultra
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The ULTRA Dry Net allows you to easily dry your favorite herbs, flowers, or plant material. This DryNet is a specially designed hanging net that attaches to the ceiling or even inside a Grow Tent to have an instant self-contained drying chamber to dry your plants The Ultra Dry Nets are sometimes referred to as Dry Nets, Drying Rack, Curing Rack, Curing Net, DryNet, HomeBox or Quick Cure but whatever you call them, they will make drying your harvest simple and easy. When the Ultra Drying Net is used with your existing fan and carbon filter, your Grow Tent / Grow Room will provide the proper air movement for quicker and even drying, without dispersing odors into the outside environment.

The ULTRA Dry Net comes in a handy round bag and its ready to use in a matter of seconds. Just take it out of the bag, hang it up and let it drop down - quick and super easy! Absolutely no assembly required. Goes back into the bag just as easy. Just hang the Dry Net in your Grow Tent / Grow Room (or from the ceiling) and keep your ventilation system turned on during the drying period - a really simple and effective solution!

The ULTRA Dry Net features a modular design that allows you to add or take away sections as needed. There are a total of 6 sections, each section is 35" in diameter and has 3" sidewalls to keep the material in the net.


Reason No. 1:
The Perfect Size Rack For Any Size Room...
You can decide exactly how much … or how little … space you'd like to take to dry your harvest. Because each rack comes in three detachable pieces of two drying sections each. That means you have a total of six drying sections, each of which are 9” tall and 35” in diameter when fully assembled. That way, you'll have plenty of space organized neatly to dry your produce.

Reason No. 2:
Eliminate The Two Biggest Killers of Your Harvest...
You'll confidently dodge the two biggest threats to damp produce - fungus and rot - because these dry racks are made of an incredibly breathable mesh which allows stunningly quick drying and maximum ventilation for high-value plants like ours. Which means you'll never lose another leaf or flower to these two insidious harvest killers!

Reason No. 3:
Hang and Dry Your Harvest Almost Anywhere...
You can hang this thing from pretty much anywhere you'd like because of the hanging anchor system that comes with it. Which means you can take this drying system with you quickly and easily if you ever need to travel, change harvesting locations, or need a mobile solution. Speaking of mobile...

Reason No. 4:
Easily Take Your Drying Operation Anywhere Because Our Rack is Completely Mobile...
You can store the entire system easily and quickly in convenient black fabric carry case. This bag looks good and will match with other luggage, pretty much anywhere you put it... and even better... you can fit it pretty much anywhere you like.

Reason No. 5:
Never Drop Another Leaf or Bud Again...
You'll never have to worry about dropping a single leaf ever again. Because each section has protective walls keeping your harvest neatly organized and safely placed until perfectly dry.

Reason No. 6:
Your Rack Will Blend In Anywhere...
You can put these racks anywhere you like without them clashing with the room.

Reason No. 7:
Once You're Done, Your Rack Cleans and Dries Quickly...
Made of breathable mesh material there’s no need to worry about rotting or fungus, and the side walls encompass each layer so there’s no danger of dropping or losing any of your plant material.

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