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Dive deep into the science that controls the indoor garden world with Dr. E.R. Myers! Learn about the physics behind grow lighting, the chemistry involved in photosynthesis, and more. Dr. Myers has a Ph.D. in plant breeding and genetics from Michigan State and has taught undergraduate and graduate classes covering plant biology at several higher-learning institutions. There is no tuition to worry about here though. These lessons are brought to you absolutely free by your favorite online grow shop – HTG Supply!

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Ask the Doc: Damping Off!

Published on 04/09/18
In this video, Dr. Meyer covers a transplanting method know as Damping Off. We will see some of the benefits and detriments associated with this technique.
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Ask the Doc: Limiting Factors in Plant Growth

Published on 02/13/18
In this video, Dr. Myers covers what factors can effect or limit your garden's growth. The goal here is to identify your limiting factor, and supplement it to help raise your garden's potential to grow even better.
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