In this video, Doc shows you the in’s and out’s of how to dry out your herbs or other plants. In this video, Doc Myers dries out his home-grown Hops (Humulus lupulus) using a Dry Net from HTG Supply.

The key points in this video are:
1) Be sure to not take the plant too early or too late. As you see in this video, Doc Myers’ Hops begin to brown just a little bit, and that is a sign of being ready to be dried.
2) When drying your plants and herbs, be sure to have them in an area with good ventilation. Doc Myers uses a Dry Net from HTG Supply. This ensures maximum air movement around the Hops. With air hitting from every angle, your plants are less likely to mold. A fan is recommended for faster dry time.

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We’re outside my backyard because I’m going to talk to you about how to dry various herbs and what I’m going to be drawing is hops. One of my hobbies besides trying to help people grow better and growing myself is to brew beer and so I’m grill on my own hops here and so this is a little hops and what you’re going to look for with this is on if you can see if there’s little yellow crystals of growing here and that’s what gives hops its flavor it’s what allows hops to add the flavor to beer. These little crystals they have the bitterness and the flavoring so the most important thing before you’re going to dry your crops of course is picking it at the right time you don’t want to pick it too early and you don’t want to pick it too late. So experience of course is the best teacher if you want to send me an email at [email protected] please go ahead and do that and if I’ve grown that crop I can give you a little tips but experience will be the best teacher and so I’m going to pick this hops this hops is ready to go. Now it’s a little bit fit dry to the touch but not too dry and you can see up here a little bit some of the hops you can see this or not is starting to get a little bit of a brown right here so this is definitely time to harvest this when it starts to get brown it’s a little too dry. So I was waiting for a sunny day so I can shoot this video but I’m going to pick this hops and i’ll show you how I dry well we’re inside now and I picked my hops it’s been about a week and they’re this bright in here so I just dried it hanging grow tent and so Hopsin here they’re nice and dry these dried nets are fantastic because they allow airflow around and also underneath where you’re drying so I highly recommend getting a dry night you don’t have a pro tend to put it in but grow tents for some ice now if you don’t have a dry net or you have a very small amount of things you want to dry you know ensure you go for the cheap college student method of drying things in a brown paper bag. Now don’t use a plastic bag of course that will not allow your plants to dry near to get mold that’s your big concern when you’re drying things out you want to keep them dry keep airflow maybe you have a fan if you have any mold problems and perhaps you definitely want have a fan or have an air flowing in there but you want a nice even airflow or at least have your plants expose their so they dry evilly if they dry too slowly they can get moldy if you have them pile too highly good morning so one of the best ways to finish up is with a drying net here and if you can’t you don’t buy that from HTG supply. You want to create similar situation where you have a good airflow allowing air to come underneath and around whatever you’re driving so have a nice steady drying prevent your plants from molding. Look, sad thing that these after all your hard work and effort the last stage drying things out and they get molding once they are dry you want to put them in a sealed container a mason jar or a ziploc container put them in the freezer and put things in the freezer so that they’re preserved so once you dry your herbs properly you can then put them in the freezer for months to years. Good Growing.

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