Improving your yields, flavors, and the overall quality of your flowers, fruits, and veggies is often a challenge for indoor growers.


By: HTG Supply Beltsville on 09/01/2017

Improving your yields, flavors, and the overall quality of your flowers, fruits, and veggies is often a challenge for indoor growers. Although many solutions help you grow bigger yields, the single most important factor is lighting. Addressing inconsistencies in your lighting can be easily handled with the integration of a double ended HID unit.

Double Ended (DE) lights are quickly becoming the choice of growers interested in overall yields balanced with good resin and oil production. DE lamps produce light with both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide technology like a mogul base (single ended / SE) lamp. DE technology offers several advantages over traditional lamps such as improved IR and UV delivery, which helps produce better oil and resins in your fruits and flowers. DE lamps are also made of quartz glass, which enables them to run at higher temperatures and produce more overall light, which helps to produce larger yields than their standard HID counterparts. Although DE bulbs are slightly more expensive than traditional bulbs, they can last between three and six months longer, making them more cost-effective over time. It’s also easy to integrate DE lamps into your standard lamp system. The principle concern with DE lamps is heat, and mitigating it through proper exhaust techniques is quite simple. DE lamps, unlike their mogul base counterparts, aren’t designed to be air cooled, but DE lamps are designed to project heat upwards, making a top-mounted exhaust fan effective in removing most heat. In a sealed environment, a portable AC unit or other HVAC measures can be employed to keep temperatures constant. If you are concerned about the temperature effect of DE lamps, HTG Supply also offers the Revolution DEva, which runs at cooler temperatures due to its unique design.

The light coming from both standard and DE HID lamps is actually being emitted in really fast flickers, which the human eye perceives as constant. The Revolution DEva fires at 100 Hz (100 flickers per second), compared to other Digital DE/SE lights which typically fire at 120 kHz (120,000 flickers per second). This massive difference in firing reduces overall temperatures and associated electromagnetic interference (EMI), which has been shown to be detrimental to plant growth. With the Revolution, you greatly minimize your temperature concerns, completely eliminate EMI concerns, and extend the life of your DE bulb. The DEva is also compatible with Revolution’s lighting controller, which controls up to 512 DEva units and automatically adjusts lighting power based on temperature readings to avoid hurting your plants.

Another great cost effective DE option is the AgroMax Signature Series, which offers a 1000 watt DE lamp, reflector, and ballast in one easy to mount package. The Signature DE is also compatible with the AgroMax Signature Series Master Controller, which adjusts lighting output for up to 100 units and provides an automatic temperature shutdown when necessary.

HTG Supply offers a number of DE lamp options including the Revolution DEVA, the AgroMax Signature Series, the Gavita Pro 1000 DE, and our DE Socket Adapter, which converts your existing SE lamp hood into a DE fixture. We also offer DE bulbs from AgroMax, Hortilux, SolisTek, and more. If you have any questions come see us at the store, we will be happy to walk you through our options!

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