Ask The Doc explains how to clone plants using hormones and an HTG Supply Cloning Bucket! In the video he will compare the root growth of the Cloning Bucket versus the use of Starter Plugs in a Tray. HTG SUPPLY’s Ask The Doc can be reached by going to and clicking on the “Ask The Doc” link on the homepage. Ask the Doc has a PhD in plant biology and is here to help you become a better grower!

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What I want to talk to you about is how to take clones using the eight cyclone pocket I got from HTG supply I’m going to be doing this with rosemary. Here’s my mother plant back here you’re going to get a branch and you want to make sure it’s a few inches long you’re going to cut it off right below the node and then you want to cut or rip off for the scallop for scissors then some leaves down here because the new roots are going to grow out of where the leaves were so you didn’t make sure you dip this into your rooting compound I’m using for max here and you then open up your starter plug with the bridge into it like that make sure that the part where you cut the leaves office below here, that’s what’s going to get wet and that’s what the roots are going to come from. Simply put it into the bucket like that and in two weeks you should have some roots. What I have here is two different ways to take cuttings. I’m going to do a comparison on the left here I have some rosemary cuttings that I took and I put them in the clone bucket, you can see the new pump and nozzle creates an environment where the plants are going to continually wet but enough oxygen is going to get in there so that the plants can form roots.

On the right here I have the plants in the starter plugs they will absorb water and also have enough oxygen them to promote good rooting as well, so let’s see which way is the better way to take cuttings so let’s see how our plants are doing the nice thing about the clone bucket is that you can check on the roots. You can see here no roots growing yet there, ah here we go so you see the little roots growing right here so that’s the nice thing this is definitely going to be a successful cutting. You got lots of root growth here we’re going to let it go a couple more days now unfortunately the plugs are nice but you really can’t see, oh there’s root growth until it comes out and here we have it see that little root growing out right there so this is also another successful cutting. We’ve got a small little root growing out here now one of the things they often suggest is to give these little tug and see if they’re rooting I think that’s kind of a dumb idea because if you have a tiny little root, you can damage it but again once you see roots growing out of here like you see right here this is a successful cutting okay it’s been two weeks now when I take the lid off of the cyclone bucket here you can look at that. You can see the roots growing here we had eight out of eight one hundred percent routing success calm success when we look at the scene or the starter plugs here you can see that there is some root growth underneath here and while the root growth isn’t as good I wasn’t sure about this one but you can see we do have a tiny root growing right there so we did also get eight out of eight or one hundred percent success. With the starter plugs the roots are better developed in the clone bucket so if you’re going to do a lot of cloning I think the clone bucket would be a good investment for you if it’s something you’re going to do once in a while you just want to start out the starter plugs they are good for seed germination as well so that might be something you can get those and user for cuttings or germinating seeds but the clone book it was a little bit better but we did have one hundred percent success of cuttings with both.

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