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In this video I want to talk about how to maximize growth using the nutrient nitrogen. If you’re just starting out this probably isn’t the video for you. it’s for the more advanced grow or that it could already successfully grow their plants and are looking to get a little more out of their growing. So if you’re just starting now please check out my video on general fertilizer use at and if you want to learn about how to maximize growth with nitrogen keep watching.

After water, nitrogen is the most limiting factor to plant growth so plants need large amounts of nitrogen and if you’ve been growing you should know that all fertilizers list the percentage of nitrogen on them. It’s the first number here so you can see this one is a six one two so the first number is larger than a rest so this is a high nitrogen fertilizer and that’s what you want to use if you want to maximize the nitrogen intake now nitrogen promotes lots of things metabolically it’s in DNA it’s a lot of proteins but in general it promotes leafy growth. Now it’s important to have a balance between leaf biomass and root biomass if you give too much nitrogen your plants will get what’s called top-heavy they won’t have enough roots and then they won’t be able to support the leaves they won’t have a good photosynthesis rate and you’re not going to grow better you’re actually and they’re going to grow worse so it’s important to have this balance you just don’t want to apply lots of nitrogen that’s not the best answer. Applying lots of nitrogen can waste the fertilizer you can risk toxicity too much nitrogen can kill plants and in your risk plants being top-heavy so let’s talk about how and when nitrogen so it might be best to talk about when not to apply extra nitrogen seedlings need a high phosphorus fertilizer to encourage root growth. Also I have a plan took cuttings with in the 8 cyclone bucket even though there are some good amount of roots here maybe as much as there is in the top when you’re taking cuttings or you have seedlings you want to apply a high phosphorus fertilizer that’s the middle number now when do you apply a high nitrogen fertilizer.

I can’t tell you to do it after one or two weeks or too many waterings you have to look at your plants so what you want to notice is that the biomass of your plants is getting bigger so when your plants start to get bigger and they start to have more leaves on them then you can increase the amount of nitrogen also another things you want to look for side branching here if your plants produce side branching once your plants start to get big and produce side branching then you can add more nitrogen. Now a lot of people will have several different types of fertilizers they’ll have one high phosphorus fertilizer for seedlings and flowering and a high nitrogen fertilizer for vegetative growth and that’s perfectly fine I’ve done that myself another option is to have a fertilizer that’s high in phosphorus for the beginning in the end and then use something like I have this stump tea here and this is the veggie boost version so you can see this is 1000 so this is all nitrogen so you can simply use this during the vegetative period add this to your phosphorus fertilizer and that will work great for your plants. Now one thing I do want to make clear is that you should never give your plants only a nitrogen fertilizer because scientific studies were conducted and it shows that when you give plants nitrogen they do not grow as well as when you give them nitrogen with phosphorus. Apparently phosphorus is important in nitrogen uptake or it helps plants metabolically use the nitrogen better so when you’re growing start off using a high phosphorus fertilizer for the seedlings or when you’re taking cuttings and once your plants have established some biomass once they’ve gotten bigger you start to see side branching here then switch over to a high nitrogen fertilizer and keep that until you start to see flowering. Once you begin to flower or you want to flower your plants you’re gonna switch back to a high phosphorus fertilizer so always follow the instructions but if you’re willing to tweak it a little bit some plants can use more nitrogen than others instructions on fertilizers are general instructions. so once you’ve grown your plants a few times after they’re established the ceilings maybe try to add a little more nitrogen maybe use a product like this stump tea veggie boost which is just nitrogen use this with your high phosphorus fertilizer to promote lush green growth and when your plants are growing green and lushly they will have a excellent flowering and you’ll get an excellent harvest.  Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Good growing.

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