In this video, Doc shows you the in’s and out’s of how to bend your plants to enhance the size of your green leafy growth. As opposed to pruning/cutting your plant, use Doc Myers’ bending method to keep your plant growing and not jeopardize the health of your plant by adding the stress of pruning.

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What I want to talk about this video are ways to promote your plants becoming bushy. Now the plant I have here this is called a spider flower. This is an alkene or clamp when I start my outdoor plants indoors and that gives them a head start and then you know I have a nice beautiful plant outdoors all summer. Now some people would tell you to just get yourself a pair of scissors you cut the top off or at the top and that’s going to promote your plant becoming bushy it sure will, but that’s not the best way to do it. Now the reason that works is because there’s hormones at the top of the plant and also at the end of the stems too but the main hormones are made at the top of the plant herbs if you cut the top off there’s gonna be no more moms there and so there’s a hormone those plants making it’s going to how they don’t grow I’m in charge don’t grow I’m in charge don’t grow I’m in charge and that hormone keeps the plant from getting bush to keep the growing with one main stem was that horrible it’s not there to the end. The plant gets mushy however, if you cut the top of that off all the other hormones are gone you’re gonna have a stagnant plant four three four five days that plants not going to grow it’s not gonna know what to do you’re wasting time that’s not this stress when your plants many plants don’t deal well with stress.

So what I promote you do is you bend the top of your plant and to do this I’m going to use some tie wire super foam tie wire that I got from HTG supply now this is nice you know one use bread ties just any wire this is a wire but it has this plant stick around and so it’s not going to cut into the stem so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna make a hook on one end and hold on the other and you’re gonna hook it about maybe a few centimeters to inches down from the top maybe three nodes down two or three nodes like this you’re not trying to bend it all the way over 180 degrees so just 90 degrees is a good first Bend so you’re gonna put this hook in there and then you’re going to attach the other and the other hook to the main part of the stem here I’ve been this little strong I’ve done this a few times so experience is the best teacher and now. Now that this plan is paid over like this through the hormones are gonna have a hard time going and around the tops of the plants start to get bushy but we didn’t cut the top off. So now we still have this main flower that’s going to be on here this is a beautiful flower at the top and we’re gonna get these little side flowers as well and the hormones are still being made they’re just not being sent down as much so it’s not stressful to the plant. Now if you do get a little too crazy and the stamp with kinks that’s not good but you can fix them and to do that all you need is a piece of duct tape so what you’re gonna do is you take this duct tape here and I followed it over on its self but I left a little tiny piece right here this is still sticky and so like if my finger where the stem you you’re gonna take the non-sticky part and you simply wrap it around the stem and then you attach the sticky part there and what you’re gonna get is a little kind of a cast like that and this can then support the stem maybe a couple weeks the stem will go back together and they’ll be okay. So don’t be too crazy with the bending this is a very strong band start off with ninety degrees to get to know your plant how strong or flexible your stems are ethically suggest bending the top of your plant over if you need space indoors mend it don’t prune it if you want to have a bushy plant outside bend it don’t prune it there’s lots of benefits just doing to get that top flower you’re not gonna have that several days of stress where your plants are. Grow Good.

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